Elders Seminar

24 – 26  February    

Brethren who are directly involved with the oversight of the local fellowship will be invited by the apostolic oversight. Responsibilities related to caring for a local fellowship and to the support of the apostolic vision will be addressed.

 Women’s’ Role in the Body of Christ

17 - 19 March

All sisters in Christ, who are committed to dedicate themselves to being an effective instrument in the hand of God, should attend. Much of the broader vision established in God’s Word will be discussed, dealing specifically with the woman’s role in God’s plan.   

Young Men & Women - You and Your Ministry

5 - 7 May

This seminar is designed for brethren and sisters developing in God’s call upon them, and desire input for the purpose of being more effective and wanting direction in the application of their ministries. The seminar will also cover the interrelationship between all ministries, and the interaction between men and women within the fellowship. The principle of “workers together” will be emphasized.

The topic of boy and girl relationships will also be addressed for both those who are heading toward courtship or have need of direction in the counsel they will be called upon to offer.

Brethrens Conference and AGM

26 -28 May       

Brethren who are recognized as actively bearing the ministry burden in the local fellowship are expected to attend. The basic principles of the apostolic vision applied in pursuit of unity, growth and development in the Lord will be covered.

 The Work of the Holy Ghost

23 -25 June

A weekend dedicated to understanding the role of the Holy Ghost

 Itinerant Ministries

28 - 30 July

Please contact Golden Harvest for more details on this seminar 

Principles of Leadership

17 – 19 November 

Please contact Golden Harvest for more details on this seminar